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U.S. Local & Toll-Free Phone Numbers

U.S. Local & Toll-Free Phone Numbers

One of the first orders of business for any small-business owner is to establish a professional telephone line. Having a business phone system both gives your company a professional presentation to clients and helps separate business contacts from personal ones.

There is currently a wide range of phone services available to the modern small business owner. As an alternative to traditional business phone systems, many small-business owners are turning to VoIP phone services, which provide virtual phone numbers and transmit voice communications over the Internet.

Why Choose a Virtual Number?

There are many advantages for smaller businesses in choosing a virtual number. The most obvious is that, unlike traditional phone systems, there are no expensive and complex equipment to purchase, install and maintain. In addition, if you are familiar with relatively simple software applications, virtual phone systems can be completely controlled and customized online.

Most virtual phone services provide an online control panel through which you can design most if not all features of the phone system. Also, if you are accustomed to running your business through your mobile phone, calls can be routed to it at the times when you need to leave your office and your voicemails can be transcribed and sent over as either an email or text message.

Benefits of Virtual Phone Services

Virtual phone services offer most of the popular features of traditional phone systems, such as:

  • local and toll free numbers,
  • customized call menus,
  • professional greetings,
  • international calling,
  • call conferencing,
  • call waiting,
  • call blocking,
  • call handling management to multiple extensions,
  • providing multiple lines if needed.

However, virtual services often provide additional benefits that can be tailored to each business's needs. For example, one virtual number can route the caller to a number of different mobile phones or landlines. This feature is especially helpful if your business has several partners, offices, or departments that your clients may want to reach without having to dial multiple phone numbers.

International Calling

If your company does business internationally, most virtual services also provide international calling, and more importantly, allows you to accept international calls on a local mobile phone number when you are traveling.

Porting Existing Numbers

If you already have a local phone number that you use for your business, you can port that number to your new virtual phone service. You can also choose a toll-free or vanity number instead of or in addition to a local number.

Online Fax Services


Save up to 90% on international call charges with the Zadarma project. A range of price plans provide attractive call packages for all usage levels. Additional value-added features include free international numbers, per-second billing, caller's telephone number transmission (CallerID), and our own apps for smartphones and computers.

For the fastest and the easiest way to make calls at the best rates, use the webphone in your personal account. There is no need to buy a virtual phone number, activate the cloud PBX or purchase special equipment. Simply call your friends and relatives and benefit from our discount rates. For regular calls, download and use the Zadarma app for Windows, Android or iOS.

  • Per-second billing.
  • Budget-friendly calls within the EU and the US.
  • Mobile numbers with an SMS enabled service.

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Google Voice

Google Voice is a free virtual phone service that is popular with many individual users. Because there is no fee charged for this service, this may be a good option for very small businesses run by only one person.

However, for businesses that have two or more partners, offices, or departments, Google Voice lacks more professional features. For example, Google Voice does not offer toll-free numbers, and some local area codes are not yet available. Google Voice also does not support multiple extensions, multiple voicemails, or auto attendant service to route the call depending on the caller's needs. In addition, Internet fax, which is a common and popular feature among the subscription services, is unavailable through Google Voice. is one of the most comprehensive virtual phone service providers available, and the winner of several Product of the Year awards.

It offers all of the virtual number features described above, and many more including global numbers, IP business phones, adapters to analog phones, and 24/7 customer support. customers have access to a comprehensive online control panel through which they can control every detail including which phone line, extension, greeting, or voice mailbox the caller reaches based on the time of calling and the caller's ID.

In addition, accounts have highly customizable features such as professional greetings, on-hold music, and calling queues, all of which can be individually designed or uploaded.'s pricing and plan structure is based on flexibility and optional features, with their Virtual Office monthly fees starting at $14.88 per month, providing 300 free monthly minutes. More comprehensive plans go up to 2,500 free monthly minutes at a cost of $74.88 per month.

While most calling features are included in the base price, additional features such as toll-free numbers, vanity numbers, IP business phone, analog telephone adapters, and additional minutes cost extra. If you have a business that is starting out on a smaller scale, but has room to expand and grow, the flexibility of's plans may be the best choice for your business.

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Like, is an established, award-winning virtual phone service providing comprehensive features and customer service.

While RingCentral's list of available features is similar to's, it offers a slightly different type of pricing structure, and may be best for businesses that are already growing and need more built-in features than optional ones. While RingCentral also offers a basic Professional plan at $14.99 per month, its more business-oriented Office plans start at $49.99 per month and includes unlimited calling and faxing, toll-free numbers, and IP phone systems as well as analog telephone adapters for your landline phones.

RingCentral's Office plans are more ideal for businesses that already have substantial client bases, or use the phone frequently in conducting their business so that unlimited monthly minutes is an important feature.

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